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EmployerCentral.com is the online job-posting gateway of College Central Network's (CCN) Jobs Central® national job board. This job board is available to and accessed free of charge by more than 2.5 million students, as well as alumni, who attend the over 850 college and university campuses. Additionally, it is available at no charge to all 17 million students and alumni at over 3,200 colleges and universities in the U.S.

While the vast majority of entry-level job boards in the U.S. primarily promote only the very largest schools, our Jobs Central national job board targets the underserved college students at small and midsize colleges and universities, and community and technical colleges, a market reach unmatched by any other entry-level job board.

With these demographics, CCN's skilled and highly motivated job seekers account for 12% of the total U.S. college and university enrollment. They comprise the greatest untapped pool of talent in higher education, and represent the backbone of America's entry-level workforce.

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