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How We Compare

Many online job boards claim to reach entry-level job seekers. But the vast majority of those boards only reach students or recent graduates of the nation's largest colleges and universities where employers are already recruiting and competition is fierce. Meanwhile, millions of talented entry-level job seekers attending the nation's small and midsize colleges and universities and community and technical colleges are eager, and ready to work for you today!

As the online job-posting gateway of College Central Network (CCN), EmployerCentral.com offers employers a unique means of reaching what no other job board reaches: more than 3.5 million students who depend on the Networks over 850 CCN-powered career and employment centers for assistance in their search for employment, as well as alumni from these schools.

Perhaps more importantly, these over 850 CCN-Powered campus career and employment centers are exclusive, contracted clients. So while other job boards claim to reach the college market, some are actually free services that simply aggregate jobs and sell advertising in order to survive. Others claim relationships to colleges, but hold no formal agreements to exclusively provide any services whatsoever. The truth is, virtually anyone can put up a job site these days. EmployerCentral.com is different because its college and university relationships are real.

  • With EmployerCentral.com, employers can post hiring opportunities to an ever-expanding Network of dedicated colleges and universities and connect with a nationwide source of skilled, ready, and eager entry-level job seekers.
  • Employer Central's job posting process takes just a few minutes to complete; you can be collecting responses to your hiring opportunity almost immediately.
  • There's absolutely no guesswork involved. No need to worry about making a mistake, either. You can always make changes to your posting, even after it's been published.
  • Employer Central enables you to literally push your jobs to the front of the line and reach the best candidates first, increasing your chances of locating and hiring the best candidate for your full- or part-time, freelance, or internship opportunity.

Join fellow recruiters and employers who have posted over 4 million jobs to date and return again and again because EmployerCentral.com delivers results. Take a positive step toward hurdling the largest obstacle to your company's future growth -- finding, nurturing, and maintaining valuable human resources.

"It was easy... I was able to hire two recent grads from schools I wouldn't otherwise have recruited... Employer Central enabled me to access a network of schools I had not considered before!"
-- Brendon R., Holman Enterprises, NJ

EmployerCentral.com: The Network that Works for You.

Since 1997 Employer Central has been helping companies, both large and small, match their hiring needs to qualified candidates in the Network and at colleges and universities across the country. From Fortune 500 companies to home-based businesses, employers and recruiters are logging on daily and connecting with entry-level job seekers who not only can do the job, but who are also eager to fit into the overall fabric of business life and your company.

The result is a workforce that's productive, dedicated, and dependable.

Be smart. Don't just submit your job posting to any general "one-size-fits-all" job board. Instead, post your hiring opportunity to a unique Network with a proven track record.

  • With Employer Central, a 30-day job posting costs as little as $199.
  • For $6.63 a day, you can immediately target and connect with qualified, capable, and eager entry-level talent!
  • It's quick and easy, just like all College Central Network services.

Don't wait. Log on and post your hiring opportunity NOW and connect with the finest candidates available.

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