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Duration Quantity Cost
30 Days One (1) Posting $199
60 Days One (1) Posting $398
90 Days One (1) Posting $597
180 Days One (1) Posting $1,194
360 Days One (1) Posting $2,388
Best Match Central (optional) Cost
"Push" your job posting directly to matching candidates' email inboxes! +$50
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What It Costs

Employer Central is your best resource for recruiting entry-level job seekers at small and midsize colleges and universities, community colleges, technical schools, and art & design schools.

Your job posting will appear on our Jobs Central® national job board, available free of charge to all students and alumni registered in College Central Network.

Employer Central's Best Match Central technology also enables you to "push" your job posting directly to matching job seeker email inboxes for even greater impact.

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